Frequently Asked Questions

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The Shoot

Where do you shoot? 

In short, just about anywhere. I love to shoot with my clients at home or some place they’re most comfortable. If we need a more private space and can’t use your home, I use a studio sharing service called Peerspace. We will work together to find an option that fits your budget and your overall shoot theme.

How long does a shoot last?

Completely up to you and what session you choose. Longer shoots (over 2 hours) are generally only available on weekends however.

Are styling/props/outfits included?

Generally no, you’re responsible for your own outfits and styling. I can give you tips and guidance to make sure it works with the theme and story you want to tell. I may be able to furnish certain kink/BDSM tools on a case-by-case basis

Help! I don’t know how to pose! What do I do?

Good news, that’s why I’m here. I’ll help you find the poses that are comfortable for you and make you feel your best.

Do you do only erotic/dudeoir shoots? 

Not at all. I do portraits for work/dating apps, gym & fitness progress pics, or even art projects- whatever my clients need. 

Is there anything off limits in my shoot? 

The male erotic world is wide and varied, and I don’t judge my clients. That being said there are a few things I won’t shoot for safety and hygiene reasons, not to mention most rental studios wouldn’t allow that anyway.

The Process

Do you Photoshop/retouch my images?

My clients get editing and post production, but I don’t alter bodies. I’ll remove temporary things (cuts, bumps, bruises, etc), and scars depending on the use case. I want you to recognize yourself and love it, not catfish yourself.

Do you share my images? 

Not unless you give permission. These are personal and intimate keepsakes. If you are comfortable we do have an option for you to allow us to use your photos on website/social media marketing materials as is, or with obscured identifying features.

How do I prepare for a shoot?

Don’t worry. When we schedule your session you’ll also receive a guide to preparing for your session. It’ll cover grooming, food, hydration, everything.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, CashApp, and all major credit cards via Stripe.

Ready to get started?



Couples photo sessions make AMAZING keepsakes and are a great way to memorialize your love.



Show off that hard-earned progress! Whether you’re just getting started, sending progress pics, or want the for your dating profile.


Kink / BDSM

What better way to try something new than to have beautiful prints capturing it? Your body is art!

"Spicy" Services

Need help to really hook your audience and make them feel like they’re really there? Take your production up a notch.