A 1000 and 1 Words

“A picture is worth 1000 words” is an adage in multiple languages meaning that complex ideas can be better conveyed by a single still image, effectively distilling its essence more effectively than a verbal description.

That’s fine I suppose, but I believe a great picture is worth more than that. We can use images to tell entire stories; let me help you tell your stories.


I’m Mike, a hobbyist photographer who found a passion for showcasing the best in people.

I’d been doing landscape photography for over a decade as a hobby, but when re-entering the dating pool post-Covid I realized men were terrible at presenting themselves. I decided to apply my camera skills to myself and quickly noticed that I enjoyed shooting people more than nature. I started helping other men with their social media profiles before branching out more to teach myself studio lighting, posing, and learning how to tell a story via my images.

Men are encouraged to not be vulnerable, to be manly, to not be vain… the list goes on. I don’t believe in that; we are multi-faceted beings who can be many things all at the same time. I focus my efforts when working with clients to bring those sides to the surface and encourage them to love themselves as a complete person.

athlete, bodybuilder, macho-6330269.jpg

We are dedicated to showcasing the male form in all its glory.

Gym / Fitness

Want that perfect flex? Show off your pump!


Erotic photography for personal use.


Celebrate your love for each other.


Need some style/art direction for your existing images? Let’s collaborate.

Kink / BDSM

Dudoir / boudoir photography taken to the next level.


Have a custom request or other idea? Reach out for a custom quote.

Why Work With Us?

Because everyone deserves to feel sexy and desirable.


Max is an exhibitionist at heart and a submissive to his fiance. Over the last year, they’ve been hitting the gym hard, launching a new joint exhibitionist Twitter, and toying with the idea of OF/JFF. Max wanted to showcase his progress and growth better both physically and mentally, so he came to us for help.

We’ve been shooting him in casual ‘at home’ settings for social media and are planning hardcore kink/BDSM sessions as well.

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