I’ve had a web gallery forever.  Multiple of them. They somehow never seem to survive.  Or get traffic (I suck at self promotion, you’re welcome).

Making art into a product to sell is HARD, not to mention ..dangerous in a way.  Are you making impactful things to sell, or selling impactful things? I think you can do both but it’s a daily tightrope.  Thankfully it’s not my primary source of income (or any income really) so I’m doing it more because I like making things and people might want to buy them.  That’s my ulterior motive.

I’ve tried hosting/creating my own site and store, I’ve tried outsourcing, and I’m back to hosting it myself.  It’s not because I think I can do it better than pros, I’m just cheap and I finally found a site design I’m in love with.  It’s a little more work to create and maintain but the sheer flexibility means I can sell stuff without much overhead.  I have 3 milestones for a successful launch:

  • A functioning, beautiful site to display my work (nailed it).
  • Branding, identity, and social media integration (in progress). 
  • A store to start selling products from (also in progress).

I’ve finished the site functions and need to complete uploading my work/projects.  Then putting at least 3-4 products in the store, then pushing people to it.  Because hey I like money.